August 22, 2018

Men accessories have never been on such a peak as the current period as many hand and palm accessories have come into existence. The very importance of right choice and perfect match for the cloth and occasion accessory has reached its epitome. In fact, with the emergence of more funky and fashion hand accessories, many men are turning towards adopting them. The traditional wrist watch has now evolved from its predecessors by becoming rather advanced both in technology and functionality. Along with these bracelets for men and wrist bands have become a very common thing to wear. It not only defies style but also defines your personality and attributes. Never have there been such diversity and liability for experimentation in the wrist arena accessories category. But, yes each accessory now has a fashion statement and comes with great responsibilities. Looking at this, various types of bracelet for men collection have been designed and adopted.

Bead Bracelets:

The men bead bracelets come in variety of materials and also stack up well in a group and can be rolled deeper. The beads on beads style which may be thrown in a woven twiner or leather piece. It is found that it shows a worldly, curious and liberal spirit that is lively. Men’s bead bracelets are signified to pose a fashion statement and make you count on them. On the other hand cuff bracelets have created their own audience in the industry with many different options with a twisted cuff of silver, gold and steel to flaunt with them. Most of the bracelets are manufactured on a standard ones which opens up the market to people who either find it too tight to wear them comfortable or may end up having a cuff that does cartoon spinning around your wrist.

The Charms:

Bracelet charms although expensive are regarded as precious hand wears. They are especially themed and designed with exclusive materials of high quality and great finish. It is usually made of metals and other precious elements. Also, it can have common engravings of thought or personalised element of naming and stuff. They can either be really thin just like a tube or thick like a cuff. They are made keeping in mind the aesthetic value of the bracelet and can either be specific to an outfit and occasion or may just be a casual one that fits in all the outfits. Currently, they have been in trend with the clip ones being really popular. There is also a rise in the bangle bracelet for men with single monotonous finish and jewellery being engraved on sides. They are regarded as really comfortable and be a perfect match for all kinds of outfits and occasions.

Crystal Bracelets:

The favourite and classic colour of all time class being black has yet again conquered the market. Yes, black crystals have captivated the eyes of millions across the world and are ruling the bracelet industry off late. The perfect match of finesse matched with great colour complexion of the black, has yielded yet another spectacular but simple design going huge in the market. Although crystal bracelets have been in the market for ages, it was relatively confined to select users and market but now have jumped up the ranks and is climbing on top of the ladder. One just can’t deny the simplicity and productivity that these crystal bracelet add to one’s hand.

Coordinate Bracelets:

Have a personalised or custom touch to your very own bracelet. The coordinate bracelet can just help you achieve that and you have the complete liberty to signify whatever you are willing to on the bracelet. For some, it can be a person they love, an important date or occasion or a place or maybe just another random thing that is special to the person. Engraving thoughts and a secret message is a common practice and they are available in all forms and sizes. One can opt for coordinate bracelets on any material and relish the joy of wearing them.

Swarovski Bracelets:

If you are looking for some spectacular bracelets in the market, do check out the Swarovski Bracelets, as they provide you with some of the best collections available and been in the industry for more than 2 decades. With continuous investment in new technologies and craftsmanship, they render some of the best services as each unit is processed with care and given priority. They deal with crystal, gold, metal and other type of bracelets and manufacture them with pioneering engineering and improvisations. Some of the bracelet types made available are:

  • Sets
  • Rings
  • Brooches
  • Atelier Swarovski
  • Remix Collection

The Swarovski bracelet are found in crystal pearl, heart and swan shapes with material finish of gold, rhodium, rose gold and stainless steel. The price of the bracelets depend upon the category and selection of material, as they can range from less than a thousand to more than 25,000 and above.

  • The brand specialises in crystallised bracelets by naming them as Swarovski crystal bracelets. They are engineered with perfection and have an aesthetic and powerful appeal to it. With different shades and other colour variations
  • Swarovski showcases a contemporary aesthetic modern bracelet that is distinguished by its colour and catchy looks. The Swarovski rose gold bracelet is crafted in rose gold PVSD and sparkles with a dusting of a clear pave that is applied across half of the polished surface. It’s a striking design with full of coolness and romantic flavour and are standout among other variations by the brand. The Swarovski rose gold bracelets are exclusively designed and are elegant with audience of all ages.  
Swarovski crystal bracelet portray the modern luxe philosophy and innovative jewellery design that is attributed to the person. It reflects upon the array of shades and personalities of the person wearing it. They can be worn both as a daytime accessory and also as a night time signature statement. It can be perfectly paired with matching outfits and other jewellery such as necklace or earrings. Hence, men’s bracelets are now an indispensable element of a man’s wardrobe and styling.