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Rest...refuel...step back and breathe

Posted on 17 January 2017

I know I've been quiet lately.
After a very busy Christmas season, I'm kinda a wreck. And it affects all those around me. Apparently I'm not a very pleasant person the months of October, November and December. Who knew!?! Hahaha

I needed rest.
Time to reflect and dream again. Time to have dinners with my family...time to play with my sweet grandson...time to be with my friends...time to pray, laugh and dance.
My Sweetheart Dave packed me and my big desktop computer up, and has taken me on the road for 3 weeks.
I mean....who does that!?! It seemed very extravagant...like my world wouldn't survive without me for that time period...HA. Turns out he's a very smart man.
To my surprise, I have found new inspiration...I have met some wonderful artists and I have picked up some beautiful pieces of jewelry.
I really was shopping for myself...I bought these pieces for me and for my 3 daughters. I was putting work behind me! Then my Sweetheart asked me if my customers would like them. Would I put these pieces on the site?
He reminded me that my customers come to Kelly's Treasure because of me...Kelly...my customers like what I like. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in what's "on trend"... what's popular. 

When that happens, it's time to step back....find yourself..find your voice and get back on track.
These are the first pieces I have purchased. I bought the ear rings for myself and then splurged on the matching necklace.
The artist is a lovely Native American, really enjoyed visiting with him. He cuts, tumbles and polishes the turquoise stones. On the ear rings, he wraps them in Sterling silver ...which I prefer. Another artist lined the back of the stone in Sterling silver, which is beautiful...but it made the ear rings heavy. These ear rings are perfect...I wore them all day! It's funny because he made sure I knew there was definitely a right and left ear ring. The ear rings are to point into your face...he was very strong in telling me that...hahaha artists!
The necklace, he hand drills the holes and strings them in the graduated design...I've always wanted one of these...with beautiful real stones. I think this is Nevada turquoise...which is usually more green...but I think he said this was Nevada turquoise also. I will learn more and get better educated on it...but I love these pieces. I am constantly exposed to junk processed "turquoise."
They can call it turquoise even though it is like ground up turquoise glued together and formed....not what I want to wear. I like clean lines, simple, elegant and quality. I would rather have one really nice piece than 4 junky pieces.
Please let me know what you think.
If you would like this exact set, just private message us and we will invoice you.
I prefer to sell as a set, because these stones match perfectly. So I will give preference to selling as a set.

The Ear Rings are $175
The Necklace is $375
The set price is $500

Pictures are on our Facebook page...I will learn how to attach them later....hahaha learning!


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