August 22, 2018

Friends are the precious gift of life and they are considered to be the prized possession in our life. A friend is someone who knows you very well and still love you unconditionally. Friends are actually eternally connected with other with an invisible string of trust, love and faith that is intertwined in complicated pattern. They will stand by your side in your difficult times and cherish the happiest moment together. The Popular Bracelets for friends symbolize the unique connection between the two friends.       

Friendship Bracelets are popular and they are in use for more than hundreds of years. Today you will find Friendship Bracelets in different patterns and colors. These bracelets are designed by making knots in certain sequences using a variety of colors and repeating the process until it is converted into a bracelet. Most of the Friendship Bracelets are designed with colourful threads at home and it acts as the classic token of friendship. It can be gifted to any beloved friends or you can keep them to spice up your jewelry collection. If you Friendship Bracelets making skills is quite refine, then you can even make some money out of it by creating some bracelets in the upcoming friendship day which is celebrated on 30th July every year across the world. You can start by learning the basic techniques and add the fancy by including charms, simple braids and beads into it. Below is a complete guide on How to Make Friendship Bracelets for your beloved friend.

Significance and History of Friendship Bracelets

Before you move ahead to learn the basics of How to Make Friend Bracelets, it is important for you to know the significance and history of Friendship Bracelets. The concept of Friendship Bracelets was first originated in 1970 at Central America in the form of macramé which is basically the knotting and weaving design. It was just a enigmatic small trinket which was difficult to unite and tie. Plus the recipient needs to wear it until the Friendship Bracelets wear out itself. Thereby honouring your beloved friends for the time and effort you invested into the project of Friendship Bracelets making.

History of Friendship Bracelets

The concept of macramé is actually weaving and knotting the threads in intricate pattern and this concept date back to China from 481 to 221 BC and Arab also picked this concept in the 13th Century. Over the years the invaders and sailors from across the world visited different places and introduced the nuances of this art and spread it into different countries. Most interesting, today you will find the macramé or Relationship Bracelets that include the knot tying repertoire of sailors.           

The Essentials for Designing Friendship Bracelets

The first tip on How to Make Friend Bracelets is to collect all the essentials required for creating a brand or bracelet for your beloved friend. You can design Customized Bracelets or Easy Friendship Bracelets depending upon your needs and the materials that you have with you. The basic things that you would require for designing Friendship Bracelets include:

  • Toggle, beads, buttons or other creative items for designing
  • Embroidery threads or yarns at least four different colors and 80 cm long approximately.  
  • Paper, cello tape, card and safety pin are other items for the craft
  • Scissors is the must-have item into the list while designing Friendship Bracelets

How to Make Friendship Bracelets?

There are different Types of Bracelets for friends and the techniques for designing these bracelets differ from each other. Below you will come across with different methods to design intricate bracelets for your friend. There are multiple models and designs and hopefully you will find the suitable design of your choice. But before moving ahead you must know the techniques to make the bracelets for your friends. Below are some of the techniques that you need to know prior to starting with the Friendship Bracelets making project.

Preparing the Threads

You can design Friendship Bracelets using different colored threads, but is always beneficial if you make use of 4-10 different threads to give your bracelets a thickness and wideness. You need to cut all the threads you are using to design the bracelets in same length usually around 80 cm and hold all the threads together from the top and use all the threads to fold them and create a knot. Now you are required to secure all the threads using cello tape above the knot on card to hold down all the threads. You may also use safety pin to tie the threads and attach the safety pin to a cushion or something like that which can hold the threads in place securely. You need to keep the safety pins handy as you will be using it to pin down the bracelet and keep it secure as the bracelet prolongs.

Preparing Threads


There are two different types of knots that you need to use and know while designing Custom Charm Bracelets for friends.

  • Forward Knot – This is the type of knot that you need to use when you start tying the bracelet from left hand side to the right hand side. If you are intending to use two threads of different colors, then the colors of the knot created will be same as the color of the thread on the left hand side. The threads will end up swapping its places while the bracelet grows. This is the type of knotting style which is referred as 4 knot as you need to make number four when you make the knot. It is easy to practice this kind of knot by taking two different threads. Take the threads on left and start moving leaving some slack in the thread and take it over the other thread to your right and under the same thread you need to bring the original thread through the loop. You need to hold it up right as you hold it beneath thread tight and pull it up on the thread to the top to create the knot.
  • Backward Knot – This is the type of know which is just opposite to forward knot style. It is used to design the Wrap Bracelets for friends. This is the type of which is used when working with threads from right to left. When you need to design a bracelet using two different threads and colors, then this knot would help you to create colourful bracelet which would look same as the color of the thread that you are using on its right. The threads would also end up swapping places as you progress with the designing of the bracelet. You are required to create the backward knot of four-shape using the threads on your right. You need to leave some slack in the threads on the right and then pull it over the thread on left and then under the same thread bring the thread up through the loop and hold the thread on left to pull it up using the right thread on its top. This is how you need to use the backward thread for designing bracelets.

The Different Types of Bracelets

There are different Types of Bracelets and each bracelet is designed using unique knotting styles. Below we will discuss some of the different types and the way they are created for you assistance and help.

Braided Bracelet

The braided bracelet is the best Customized Bracelets for friends and it is veryBraided Bracelet easy and simple to make. It uses the forward know method throughout the process and you can use 4-5 threads and all of different colors.  

  • Step One – You are required to prepare the thread as mentioned above and you must use threads of different colors to give the bracelet a unique appearance and look,
  • Step Two – You firstly required to pick on thread and do at least forward knots all over the other threads you are using for the bracelet. Hold all the threads together and securely.
  • Step Three – Now you need to pick the other color and repeat the same procedure until you use all the threads that you are using for designing the bracelets. Repeat the process for all the color patterns and a design will be created at the end.
  • Step Four – When you find the bracelet is long enough you can tie the end of the threads with a knot. This is what you need to do to create the braided bracelet.

Stripe Bracelet

This is one of the Easy Friendship Bracelets to design at home. You can design this bracelet using 6-7 different threads and all needs to be in different colors. You need to ensure that you use 2 threads of same color to design this Friendship bracelet.

  • Step One – You first need to spread all the threads you are using into a Stripe Braceletcolor sequence that you would like your stripes to be.
  • Step Two – Now you are required to start the tying process from the furthest thread on your left and you need to use the forward knot technique followed by another forward knot over the thread that is just next to you. You will see that the first thread that you used have swapped places and using the first thread you need to do another two forward knots over the next thread beside it. You will again see swapped places beside the thread. So, repeat the process to create a row of thread until you see that the first thread has become the furthest thread on your right
  • Step Three – Now you are required to start again with thread on your left and repeat the same process following a double knot along the thread you are using until it reaches to the far right of all threads. You need to complete the knots and at the end you need to tie it carefully and complete the bracelet for your friends.     

Chevron Bracelet

This is the type of bracelet which is designed using 7-8 different threads. You can either use 2 different colors of threads or you may use 4 colors to give the bracelet a different look and appearance. This is the best bracelet if you want to gift your friends a unique style bracelet.

  • Step One – You first need to lay out all the threads from the central point of the threads and it must look like the mirror image by their colors.
  • Step Two – You first need to start with the thread on your left side and you need to follow the forward knots on the next thread to the right to complete the process. Repeat the process again using the same first thread knotting on the next right thread as if it is moving along the row. You need to continue with the same process until you reach the thread at the middle point. This is the process that you need to repeat and at the point leave the thread in the center or middle point.
  • Step Three – You are required to mirror the same process using the threads to the right of middle point and pick up the furthest right hand thread and ensure to make use of backward knots on thread available on your left side. You will see that the thread has left the swapped over space. Now you need to continue with first thread to work it on the middle by doubling knotting each thread individually right on your left side as if it moves along the row into the central point. You need to ensure that you stop when the thread reaches the middle point and to the right of thread which actually moved to central point in Step Two.
  • Step Four – Now you are required to take both the original outside threads of same colors in middle. Using the right of two middle threads you need to carry with the backward knots over the left of two middle threads.
  • Step Five – You need to start with the process again and repeat it until your bracelet reaches the length you need. You need to consider this technique to complete the bracelet and at the end tie the knot and give it a shape.   

Leaves Bracelet

This is most Inspirational Bracelets that you can gift to someone special in your life. These Relationship Bracelets can be used for any special occasions, but not only for friendship day. The process for designing the bracelet is also very simple and easy. Moreover, you can easy around 8 different threads of 2-4 different colors to give the bracelet a unique look.

  • Step One – You first need to lay the threads out with four different colors Leaves Braceletand four other colors in the reverse direction. You need to tie a knot using the threads right on the middle of the threads. From the middle point of the colors you are required to mirror image of each thread.
  • Step Two – In the second step you need to start by picking the two middle threads which need to be of same color and start doing the backward knots with the right of two threads over the left thread.
  • Step Three – In the third step you need to take two thread on either side of middle of two threads and using one to your left of middle threads you need to start doing the forward knots and it needs to be over the left of the middle threads. This is the thread to the right.
  • Step Four – In the fourth step you need take the right thread to the two original middle threads and start doing the backward knots over the right of middle threads i.e. the thread to its left. Now you will require to have two new same color threads in middle with the original middle threads on the either side of the new middle threads. Now using the right of two new middle threads you need to do the backward double knots.
  • Step Five – Now you are done with the first row and required to move to the next row of colors out. So, pick the threads on the either side of the original two middle thread colors. Repeat this process like mentioned above and move both the threads from the position by double forward knots for the left thread and double backward knots for the right thread until they both reach the middle point. When it reaches to the middle point you are required to use the right of the two to complete with backward knots over the left of the two threads.
  • Step Six – Now you are required to move back again to the next row out which would have the either threads and it is the outside thread. Repeat this with the previous process by moving both outside threads from their position by double forward knots for the left thread and double backward knots for the threads available on the right until they both reach the middle point. Once the thread reaches the middle point use the right of the two to do backward knots over the left of the two threads
  • Finally you need to repeat the step 2 and 6 until the bracelet reaches to the length that you need.

Twisted Friendship Bracelets

These are the Relationship Bracelets that are designed using embroidery floss, yarn and pearl cotton. They are the Easy Friendship Bracelets that come together with two shakes or rather twisted.

  • Step One – You first need to measure and cut equal number of threads from the string and each needs to be of 30-inch long. You can make use of 10 threads for your pearl and floss cotton bracelet. But, if you make use of yarn then you would require about four strands.
  • Step Two – Now gather all the strands of string together with ends lined up and you need to use the forward knot to tie them together about 3-inches from one end. You are required to make another knot at the other end of the strong and it also needs to be about 3-inches from the end.
  • Step Three – You need to use your pointer fingers through the bunches of strong to the inside of each know. Again pull the thread taut between the fingers and begin twisting it. Twist the right hand in clockwise direction and your left hand in the counter clockwise direction.
  • Step Four – When the string is completely twisted you need to bunch up on itself and you are about to complete. You need to ensure that it is tightly twisted at this point ti give a firmer hold. Moreover, you need to find the center of the thread between the knots and pull it towards you for a firmer knot.
  • Step Five – You need to bring both the hands together while holding on to the middle and let the two ends of the thread twist together. Now you need to pull the fingers carefully out from the ends and you need to end up with a small loop at one end of the bracelet and the 2 knots at the other end.
  • Step Six – You need to unite the two ends of the thread to form a knot and retie all the ends into one large knot. Now you need to trim down the ends of the threads. You need to use the loop at one end so as to push the large knot through to wear it.     

Knotted Friendship Bracelet

This is one of the best traditional Couple Bracelets which is made for friends as well as your beloved. It is designed to fit well on all hands and it is very easy to design as well. You can easily make this bracelet using minimal skills. It requires no extra skills to design such knotted bracelet.

  • Step One – Measure the threads and cut around eight threads and it must be in two colors and each thread must be of 60 inches. You can use either 8 or more thread colors. But ensure that you take two colors in equal quantity.
  • Step Two – Collect all the cut threads together with the end lined up and tie a knot together about 3 inches from one end. Tape all the ends to the table or pin them to a pillow using the safety pin to secure them.
  • Step Three – To start with you need to separate the threads so that they are in the mirror image of each other. The threads need to be lined up to the left to right.
  • Step Four – Starting with the first thread on the furthest left create a loop around the thread two next string to the right and pull it up to the top knot. Ensure to hold the thread number two taut as you keep making the loop around it with string number one to keep the know from jumping over the strong two. Ensure to make another loop and pull it up under the first loop and make sure that the string one is now on the right of the string two.
  • Step Five – Now you are required to make two loops around the third string using the first string in the similar way as in step four. Repeat the process again with the string four as well and now use the string one in the middle of all the strings. The threads must line up left to the right.
  • Step Six – Now set the fourth left string off to the side so as to concentrate on the right strings for a bit and start with the furthest ring string to a loop twice around the string 7 in mirror image. Repeat the process with the 6th string and then use the 5th thread. The thread must now line up left to the right.
  • Step 7 – Here you again need to continue with step 4 and 6 using the thread 1 and thread 8 to create a loop towards the middle point. Now repeat this step and using the third thread create a knot.
  • Step 8 – After you complete the process you need to re-pin the bracelet so as to keep the area of working secure and tidy. Take up the bracelet and wrap it around the wrist of your friends to check the length. Once you reach the length you need remove the tape or pin and make the knot at the other end of the bracelet. Now know up the thread ends together around the wrist of your friends and let you make a wish.    

Techniques for Completing the Bracelet

There are different methods that are being used to complete the knotting process and complete the Friendship Bracelets. However, for each type of bracelet you would require to follow different techniques to complete the bracelet. You need to ensure that you follow the right technique for completing the bracelet and give it the right finishing making it look unique and stylish at the same time.


For the knot style bracelet you need to pick the both ends of the threads at the end and tie them securely and knot them together to create the bracelet. Finally you need to trim down the ends to achieve the length that you need for the bracelet.

However, it is necessary that you leave a scope at the end of the threads to make the bracelet longer so that in future if you want then you can make the bracelet looser to accommodate it on any size of wrists.


During the process of knotting the threads you can also include beads of different colors to add a uniqueness and style to the final bracelet. At the end of the bracelet you can feed it on the threads at one end and then create a style using different colored beads.


Initially when you prepare your threads and tie the knot at the top, leave a loop at least the size of the button above the knot. When you are done with the bracelet and have tied all the big knots at bottom take a multi colored button and tie it on using the threads and cut the other thread down after securing the button. Now you need to hold the button in place at the bottom of the bracelet so that you can push it through the initial loop at top of the bracelet and it needs to be help in place around the wrist. For this you need to place the button on top of the bracelet so that it looks visible when the bracelet is worn on wrist.


After you complete designing the bracelet you can plait the ends of the threads and after that you can add little knot at the bottom to secure it perfectly. However, this process needs to be done carefully as it can ruin you hard work if something goes wrong in the process.


After you have successfully tied all the ends of the bracelet with the knot, you would require to keep few loops of the threads so that that you can place the toggle at the one end. Tie the knot and then cut the loose ends down. You need to repeat the same with the top of the bracelet and the other end with the toggle to give it a fresh and unique look.

After you complete the Relationship Bracelets you may either keep the bracelet for yourself or you can gift it to some friends as a symbol of friendship. There are many online supplies stores from where you can buy all the required and essential supplies. You can also design many colourful bracelets for your friends or you can sell them online using the different websites. You should always prefer to use high quality threads and strings for designing the bracelets for your friends.