March 17, 2017

 Bridesmaids Gifts

Bridesmaid gifts should be well thought out. Just consider the dedication that your closest girlfriends are expected to give in order to make that extra special day of your life a complete success.  So to forget to plan, provide or hand out bridesmaid presents would be a big no-no.


Therefore, it's a bad thing to think of gifts for bridesmaids at the last minute. After all, most bridesmaids take part in the planning of your big day. Hence, it's only fair to plan thoroughly for these special women or ladies in your life, too.


It has been a tradition for presents for bridesmaids to be either bathrobes or monogrammed pieces. However, this is not cast in stone. You're free to think of your own unique bridesmaids gifts. 


The first rule is never to go overboard. Feel free to give bridesmaid jewelry like an upgrade to the friendship bracelet or even, a letter ring. However, would you want that to be gold? Probably not, since that is definitely going out of control. 


Think wedding ceremony as number one. Everything else should be subordinate to that top priority. You don't want to upstage your own wedding, so whatever jewelry for bridesmaids you have in mind, keep them appropriate. 


Personalize your gift by doing some special engraving, messages, memories or other unique features. For example, convert your BFF's initials into a lovely monogram that will look impressive even on a table napkin, shopping bag or a tote bag. It's still in vogue to give picture frames as a bridesmaid gift. You can make them extra special by adding a handwritten note or an old picture that your bridesmaid never thought you have been able to keep all these years. That will certainly make her feel extra special, making her realize that all the attention to detail and time she spent with helping you plan your big occasion--did not go unnoticed. Remember, bridesmaid presents are your turn to convey a special thank you for all the assistance that you received from conceiving the idea to actualizing your life's most important ceremony.


If you choose a friendship promises necklace , make it count by adorning it with your bridesmaid's birthstone or if not, her favorite stone. Making it that extra special is something that will surely deepen the bond of sisterhood. 


And don't hesitate to ask your superwomen if they want something in particular. In fact, if you can gift them with something that they can use on a daily basis, all the better. Just don't fall into the trap of making the make, message, or design trivial, unoriginal or careless.


Coming up with ideas for bridesmaids gifts can be a supreme challenge because you may want to maintain the element of surprise. So the trick is to brainstorm your gift idea individually, that is on a per bridesmaid basis. Then, take the idea for a further spin so that when these presents for bridesmaids are received, the element of surprise would still be there.


To help you brainstorm even further, scour the Internet for every creative idea or gifts for bridesmaids. The more you look, the bigger the chance that an original idea might crop up in your head. Who knows, it might be something that no one has ever thought of before and hence will be remembered fondly for many years to come.


Also, don't just shove the gift on your bridesmaid's hand. Hand it in a special way; in the same manner that a fairy sprinkles everything with a magic dust. It's alright to break from the mold by giving a different bridesmaid s present for everyone on your list. Just make sure that every message counts and that you never go overboard. Who knows, you could be the next bridesmaid so it's that important to help set the tone.