About us

My name is Kelly and I have owned Kelly’s Treasure for over 25 years….yes, I don’t look that old…lol.
When I first started, it was three card tables, an easy-up tent and working every street festival I could find. In those early years, I specialized in Christian jewelrywhich was mostly sterling silver. For 22 years I was in Arbors III in Canton Trade Days. We also traveled Texas and the surrounding states setting up at the various Junior League Holiday Shows and other festivals. We work hard and love it.
Fun Fact: When I first started my business, I called it “Kelly’s Pleasure” because it was my pleasure to do this. Oh goodness, I didn’t realize it sounded like an Irish whorehouse. Well, we fixed that, and since we’re all a treasure in our own way, it is the perfect name.
As time went on, I added other jewelry which is mainly designer inspired. I truly LOVE this jewelry. We have expanded our product line and have added fabulous clothing to Kelly's Treasure! If you’re a woman 35-65 you are in the right place.
I went into clothing because there was nothing out there that I liked and catered to me and women either side of my age. We all have special concerns and needs. Believe me, I know. We need stylish fashion, quality fabrics and we need to know how it fits on a real person, not a size 2 stick figure. I try to offer up to a 3X whenever possible. Some lines run very generous, making it unnecessary to carry plus sizes in all lines. I try to let you know how an item is fitting the best I can via live Facebook selling and fit videos.
Thank you for reading about Kelly’s Treasure, and I hope you find your treasure here.
Blessings, Kelly