Native American Turquoise Slab Ear Rings Large

Santa Fe Native American Turquoise Slab Ear Rings. What makes these special is...They are flat on the front and back. They have been hand cut to match perfectly. Sterling Silver frames the slab...which I love, because the ear rings I saw that had sterling silver on the back side made the ear ring too heavy. These are perfect. One artist makes these and I only choose his. I have Nevada and Kingman Turquoise.  They vary between 2-2 1/2”

A few years ago when I went to Santa Fe for vacation. I splurged and bought myself one of these beautiful necklaces and a pair of slab ear rings. I almost literally wear them everyday. I received so many compliments and friends wanting when I went back to Santa Fe, I found the same artist and purchased all the ones I liked.  Many artist make these, although in my opinion these are the prettiest. I only have a few and because I want to hand pick these...I won’t get more until I return to Santa Fe.


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Type: Earrings

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