Prayer Bead Necklace Crystal Amber

I just feel like I’ve been missing out of the benefits of prayer. If I’m to pray without ceasing, am I failing? Or do I really just not understand. Prayer is the power I have to come closer to God, to battle my mind and anxieties, it’s my conversation to God.

I love beads…I’ve always loved beads and sparkly things. Beads have a rich history as an aid for people of faith. …a tool to help them focus their minds in prayer, engage in worship, experience a tangible reminder of God’s presence, and quiet their minds so they can listen to God’s still, small voice in their lives.

To me, moving my fingers over the beads one by one, and praying for children, family, concerns…or listing and counting my blessings and thanking the Lord. I envision others holding the beads as they go into chemotherapy, or sit in divorce court or waiting for that answer to prayer…remembering that God is close to me as these beads in my hands.

Bead by bead, take deep breaths or repeat short prayers as a way of emptying your mind, calming anxieties and connecting with God who is constantly with you. Remember God’s love for you, He rejoices over you with singing. He’s always near. He will never leave you or forsake you.

The stunningly gorgeous Prayer Bead Necklace is a designer signature piece. Modeled after the 5 decades of the rosary, it may be worn in a variety of ways similar to a scarf. The Semi precious stone  beads or crystals are hand tied on wax cotton cord.  

While the artist is tiring the knots she is praying a blessing over the necklace. Lovely to know the heart of the designer to bless others with this beautiful necklace.

One end of the necklace is a loop which can be used to anchor the beads in whatever style desired. All Prayer Beads come with a direction card attached, which is very helpful in describing how to wear the Prayer Beads, as well as, it has pictures of the different styles it can be worn.

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Type: Necklaces

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